Printer Setup

If you wish to know the procedure to set up your printer, then you can try implementing the given steps:

  • Take out your printer from the box and all the wire cables
  • Connect the printer to the main power supply with the help of power cord.
  • Now verify or set the time and language of your country to the printer
  • After that insert the ink cartridges by opening the door. Align them properly and install it in the printer by following the proper procedure
  • Now depending on the settings and design of your printer, load the papers. The papers have to be loaded in the input tray.
  • Now download the software and install it in the system and then connect your printer.
Paper Jam Issue

If during any print job if your HP printer stops feeding pages then immediately an error message of Paper Jam will pop up. So as to continue printing you need to fix this paper jam issue:

  • First, you need to turn off your HP Printer and then unplug all the power cord.
  • Open the rear access door of the printer by pulling it toward upward or toward you depending on the model of printer
  • Remove the jammed paper from the rear access door and if it cannot be removed then you should try removing it from the front of the printer.
  • Remove all the remaining piece of paper from the input tray.
  • Once done reinstall the rear access door and reconnect all the cable to turn on your HP Printer.
Printer Offline

There is setting in HP printer which allows you to use your printer when it is offline too. This will save the document to be printed and once the printer is online the document will be automatically printed. The steps by following which you can turn your HP Printer from ‘Offline’ to ‘Online’ are:

  • Go to the Control Panel of your system
  • Then click on the ‘Devices and Printers’
  • Now you can see the list of devices and printers. From there you need to select the name of your printer
  • Right click on it and then the menu will open from there click on ‘ Select what’s printing’ option
  • Click on the menu of the printer and then on the window that will open you need to uncheck the box of “Use Printer Offline”.
  • And now it is changed to Online.
Print Job stuck in Queue

There are times when due to stuck print jobs your HP Printer is not able to complete the printing of the document. In order to fix Print job problem there are few methods which can be followed:

  • First, check if your Windows is up-to-date or not if it is not then updated it.
  • By using HP Print and Scan Doctor too you can diagnose and then solve the issue completely.
  • See if Printer Spooler Service is running or not and for doing so just search local services in your system and then Print Spooler. If the status of Printer Spooler is blank change to start and if it is Start then change to restart.
  • You can even try to reinstall the HP Printer driver to see if the print job stuck in the queue is solved or not.
Black Ink not printing

If the quality of your printed document is not as expected because fuzzy text or ink smears then there might be a problem with your black ink cartridge. So as to solve it you just have to follow quick tips:

  • First, make sure you are using genuine HP printer cartridge
  • Now check the quality of appearing which you are using and make sure it is placed in correct position in the paper tray.
  • Check the print settings of your system to see if it is appropriate for the print job
  • Make sure to check ink level of your cartridge and if its lows on ink then replace it with a new one.
  • You can also clean the print head and make sure that the cartridge is properly placed on its respective position.
Wireless printer Issue

While using the wireless HP Printer, you can come across a problem related to connectivity and in order to solve it you just need to follow few steps:

  • Remove all the power cord of printer, router after turning it off
  • Then properly reconnect it and then restart the router, computer and then your printer
  • Take the wireless Network Test of your HP printer
  • If the signal is weak then it is difficult for you to print so just make sure you are placing your printer and router very close to each other for getting a strong connection.
  • You can also try updating your device firmware if the signal is strong. This might solve your problem.
Scan issues

It can happen occasionally that the HP printer is not able to scan the documents. If this ever happens, you can easily resolve the issue by keeping in mind the given considerations:

  • Make sure that the printer is connected securely to the power source and all the cables are intact.
  • You can try to reconnect the printer again and check whether the issue has been rectified or not.
  • Download the HP printer and Scan doctor in the system and run it to see to check for any issues in the scanning system. Choose the option of Fix scanning and get the error resolved.
Carriage jam issues

Does a display message ‘Carriage jam’ occur whenever you try to give the commands to the printer? It can happen due to several reasons and one of the main reasons that could be behind this issue is some prior paper jam errors. You can fix the solution easily by following the given steps:

  • Open the rear door of the printer by pressing the tab on the left side and then remove the door.
  • Very carefully take out the papers from the rollers and reattach the rear door.
  • Now push the door forward till the time it gets back to its place
  • Now load the papers into the paper tray very carefully.
  • Try to print a dummy page.
Printer issues after Windows update

Have you recently updated the windows to the latest version and suddenly after that your HP printer is facing issues? Don’t worry, you can resolve the error within a limited time by following the given steps:

  • Scan your laptop to which your printer is connected to check for any defects in the printer driver.
  • If you find any issue with the printer driver like it can be broken, damaged, outdated, you need to install the right printer driver which is compatible with the windows update.
Fax issues

If your printer is unable to send faxes, then you can take into consideration the following steps to make sure that the issue gets settled within a stipulated time:

  • Try to print a fax test report to check for any issues with the printer or the phone line connection.
  • Make sure you verify the following settings before sending faxes from the printer.
  • When you are sending anybody fax, just manually dial the fax number as you do it while calling someone.
  • Try to send the fax in black and white
  • Ensure the connection with the telephone line and make sure that it secured.
  • Try to decrease the fax
Printer sending a print job to the wrong computer

If you use more than one printer for taking our print outputs, it might be a possibility that the printer can send print job and commands to the wrong computer. You can get this issue rectified by keeping the following considerations into mind:

  • Go to the start menu and select the option of Devices and Printers.
  • Choose the option of Add a printer located in left-hand corner and add your printer if it has been accidentally
  • Select the printer with a checkmark and make sure, it is set as your default printer.
Prints containing white spots in between and are lighter in color

The error usually occurs when you haven’t used the printer for a long time and the printhead gets clogged. You can get a fix this snag by following the given steps:

  • Run the printer’s utility program in the system and clean the printhead
  • Check for the ink levels and make sure that they are not dried out.
  • Refill the ink cartridges and attach them back again securely.
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