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How to Fix 50.4 Error in HP Printer

HP printers have been known in the market and trusted by the consumers for its quality product and features. Now being introduced with the ability of wireless printing, the printing job has become much more easy and relaxed. No need to regularly connect the USB cables as the Wi-Fi connection would suffice for that. You just need to install the printer on the computing device via a wireless connection and can get print outputs from anywhere in the near vicinity by just having a smartphone in the hand. When it comes about the features and components of a printer, the users need to understand the internal structure, so that the users can take care of the components and make sure that they are not damaged, to avoid any errors in the near future. A printer usually consists of ink cartridges, paper tray, printer drivers, Fuser roller, etc. Every component has its own role to play and with every component, you can associate one or more error if by any case it gets damaged or corrupted. Talking about the Fuser Roller, for instance, it performs the main function of transferring the toner to the print images. When the printer is used for too much time, it can get heated and thus causing the printer to not give the output. The error with the Fuser roller is termed an error code 50.4, and this blog will help you understand that how can you fix this error and avoid it in the near future. If the error occurs again and again, even after you have executed the given guidelines in the blog, then you must talk to the technical associates at HP printer support number as there could be some internal issue which needs to be rectified on an urgent basis.

There are a few ways that you can try on your own end so that this error does not happen in the future. Just try to make sure that the printer is not getting overheated or being used more than its maximum capability at a long stretch. If the printer is getting overheated, then you can stop for a while, let it cool down and the resume with the work. You also need to check for time to time that all the parts and components of a printer are fresh and intact and nothing has been damaged. If yes, then try to replace it with a new one or get it corrected.

How Can you Resolve the Printer Error Code 50.4?

  • If the printing is in the process and you see a display error 50.4, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to cancel all the print commands that have been lined up.
  • Then just disconnect the USB cable attached between the computing device and the printer. Remove the power cord from the back of the printer and switch off the power supply.
  • If the printer is getting overheated, let it cool down for at least half an hour and then resume with the work.
  • Once done, you can reconnect the cables and wires back and switch on the printer. Connect the USB cable back and continue with the printing function.
  • Also, check for any damage in the printer fuser/ fuser roller. If it is damaged, then you need to replace it with a new one or get it corrected, otherwise, the error may not be resolved and can occur at any time.
  • Install a new fuser and to install it you will again need to remove the cables, disconnect the printer and then follow a proper procedure.
  • After that connect everything back again and try to give a print output by testing a dummy page.

If you still see the error message is displayed, even after implanting the given steps, then you need to get in touch with the HP printer tech support and talk to the technical executives. They will provide you with an instant solution and will make sure that it gets resolved.



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