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How to Connect The HP Printer to An Apple Laptop?

HP printers are known to provide effective and efficient printing solutions for both professionals as well as personal needs. Once you purchase a printer, it is mandatory to begin the setup and the installation process in the operating system that you are using. Once the printer gets connected, the next step is to install the printer driver software in the system. In some cases, the printer driver gets automatically downloaded after the printer has been connected, but in some, you need to manually install it. If you are someone who is a first-time buyer of HP printer and is looking for the steps to connect it to your Apple laptop, then this blog would be appropriate for you. You can read the steps one by one and follow them accordingly and if you do not wish to indulge in technical matters on your own, then you can reach out to the HP Printer Customer Care Service number. This blog talks about securing the connection via USB cable.

Procedure to Connect HP Printer to Apple laptop

Step 1- Preparing for the printer set up

Before you start with the process of connecting the printer, it is required that you check some of the necessary details and prepare its setup.

• Connect the printer to the electrical power socket. For that take a power cord, connect one side to the back of the printer and the other side to the electrical socket.
• Switch on the printer.
• Take a USB cable which is less than 3 m in length.

Step 2- Connecting the Printer

• Take the USB cable and connect it to Apple laptop.
• After that click on the Apple menu and choose System and Preferences
• Then select the option of Print and Fax
• There will be a lock icon on the lower left corner. Open it and provide with the admin login details in the on-screen dialog window.
• To connect the printer, select the plus (+) icon from the Printers menu
• Choose the HP printer and from the Printer list and select ‘Add’.

Step 3- Installing the printer driver
In most of the cases when you are connecting the HP printer to the Macintosh operating system, the printer driver software gets automatically downloaded after the connection has been secured. But if it doesn’t happen, then you must

• Go to the Apple menu and look for Apple software update.
• Search the printer driver which is compatible with your OS.
• Download the software in the system.
• Let the process finish. After that look for the setup file in the ‘download folder’
• Double click on the setup file and install it.
• Once done, run it in the system.

In most cases with Mac, you won’t be required to install the printer driver software manually. But if it is required in your case, then you must always do so by visiting the official Apple website and not from any third party website. Installing printer drivers from places other than official sites can be a little risky. If you wish to get the expert advice, then you can contact HP Printer Technical Support.

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