Fixing the Issue of Canon Printer Won’t Print

It can be really frustrating when your Canon Printer won’t print. In such cases, it is always advised to try for the troubleshooting first and then if nothing works then you must avail expert assistance. With many issues like the setup, network problem, driver issues, paper jamming and others, Canon printers become havoc for users. But the best part is that you can resolve the trouble by following a few simple steps given in this blog.

Canon is a renowned name when it comes to printers and cameras, but when this company printers tend to irritate the users, they feel helpless. But actually, there is no need to feel so. When the Canon printer won’t print then you must recognize the error behind it first. Just give a try to the following fixture steps.

Fixing Canon Printer Won’t Print

Step 1: Check the cable connection between the computer and the printer and see if there is any default

Step 2: When there is no paper, the printer does not work, so you must fill the paper on the paper tray.

Step 3: Open the file that you want to print and select the Print option. Click the printer selection and choose the Canon Printer. Make the Canon printer as the default printer.

Step 4: Install the printer drivers, if installed then update them to the latest version available. You can use the installation wizard for doing the installation.

Step 5: Check the ink cartridges of Canon Printer, if it not printing then replace the old ones with new.

Step 6: If the printer is wireless then you must check that there is the proper network connection.

These steps if tried in proper way will work wonders but if you think that the issue still persists then you must Dial +1-855-228-6818 Canon customer service phone number 24/7 for the quick response.

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