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10 common HP Printer Problems and Their Solutions

When you hear the word ‘printer’ your mind automatically thinks of HP printer and not some other brand. This brand of printers is very sought after by the world population because they are known to produce some of the most amazing print works. The innovative technology design and simple user interface make it favourable among the people. And while this factor can be alluring to you, you need to consider the flaws too. It is not a doubt factor that these printers are in fact great and dependable, but they come with their fair share of problems which is visible in HP printers. The discussion today is on the 10 common HP printer problems and their solutions. If you stick around longer, you will be able to learn the types of problems every HP printer has in common and the solution to fix it. You can also contact HP printer customer care to receive the same information but from a more reliable source.

Here are the list of all the 10 common HP printer problems and their solutions. You can go through each and every one of them and if you are facing one of the problems at the moment, you can fix it on the process.

  1. Paper jam problems.
    Just by looking at the header, you will conclude for yourself that this is the most common issue of HP printers. And the solution for this problem is quite simple, make sure you are using the correct paper size, keep your printer clean, and make sure the roller is working properly.
  2. Ghosting in HP printer.
    By ‘ghosting’ it means that after that print is done, users usually see faint appearance and replicas of the texts and images in the background. This problem usually manifests when the power outlet plugged to the printer is not performing up to its potential or when the printer’s consumable part is about to wear out. So to fix this problem, you must replace the worn out parts and change the power outlet plug immediately.
  3. Error 50.4
    This error is most prominent in the newer versions of the printer, especially in HP LaserJet printers. This is related to the power supply to the printer and can be fixed by disconnecting the printer from the UPS and connecting it directly to the wall outlet.
  4.  Overheating of the printer.
    HP printers are known for their tendency to get hot very soon. And this is because of faulty cables or the driver. So if you want it resolved, turn off the printer and let it sit idle for around half an hour or update the printer driver.
  5. Problems with the paper tray.
    Paper tray errors or issues are very common with HP printers. But it’s lucky that this problem isn’t very critical as the rest. If you want to fix this problem, simply make sure that the device is laid flat on the surface.
  6. The problem of printing only half page.
    The problem of printing only half a page in HP printers can be fixed by unplugging the printer, switching off the computer and restarting both of them and run a self-test.
  7. Error 79 in HP printers.
    Error 709 in HP printers are a result of issues with the network print server. To fix this, make sure there are no print jobs pending, and remove all extra add-ons and add them again one by one to see which one is the cause of the error.
  8. Trouble while printing onto envelopes
    Envelops can get in the way of printing in HP printers. So to fix this, make sure that you use envelopes that are close to 20-lb in weight and thickness. Also, make sure that the glue on the envelope can withstand the heat that the fuser puts out.
  9. Inability to find a printer driver for certain operating system
    This issue is very routine, it is indeed hard to find the correct driver for some operating system. So if you want to resolve this problem, go through the printer manual that comes with the printer during purchase and see which driver is compatible with what operating system
  10. Problem with the toner.
    When you see that your hand gets stained with the ink after printing, it means you have a fuser problem. To solve this you must replace the fuser immediately because it is not recommended to use a repaired fuser as it might give out the same problem again.
    These are the 10 common HP printer problem and solutions. Make sure that you note this down so that whenever you face such problem, you will know what to do to solve it.

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